The world has been destroyed, reduced to barren wastelands filled with unimaginable horrors. Environmental shields and high walls protect the few cities that remain from the deadly Outlands that surround them. Dios is on the verge of a revolution. An organization known as the Patriarch rose to power dividing the survivors into classes based on their determined occupation. Those born without a class, the undesirables, grow up in the slums on the outskirts of the city struggling to survive. Jett Lasting lives with several other orphans, forgotten by the world around them. He finds himself cast into a conflict he cannot fully understand. One thing is clear, he can live or he can survive.

Seeds of Insurrection 

Seeds of InsurrectionIt’s been less than a year since the Thanese invasion. The Ra’Tarans wasted no time striking at the weakened lands of Lady Lorenzia. Desperate to save her people Lady Lorenzia sought aid from the council of the Free Peoples. Lured by a promise of support she finds herself imprisoned. Her only chance of salvation, two of her Royal guards, Alec and Tanis. Gathering unlikely allies Alec and Tanis prepare to take on the armies of Ra’Tara in order to save the Lady Lorenzia before it’s too late.


Fox is not a soldier. He has no combat training. He spends most of his day with his nose in a book. When the airship carrying the Ambassador from Techaria is attacked outside the Hall of Governance the peace negations between the Techarians and the Mechanias are threatened. If the ambassador dies, it will mean a war.  Fox, a low level archivist stumbles upon a strange device known only as a Talon. Not realizing what it is he picks up and the device joins with him. On the roof of the Hall of Governance the terrorists, strange men in grey cloaks attack the Mechanian troops attempting to rescue the ambassador. The only hope of saving the Ambassador and preventing a war lies with Fox and the mysterious Talon he now carries.


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