Review: The Outlands by Tyler Edwards

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! We’re not going to talk about how I said I was going to start posting semi-consistently… in December 💀 We’re definitely not going to talk about how this is my first review in almost a year, and we’re also not going…

The Tides of Reckoning ARC Review

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The Tides of Reckoning Author: Tyler Edwards Pages: Genre: YA Sci-fi Published: 29th October 2021 Rating: 4.5 Stars Synopsis: “Live long enough and you’ll see, people are the worst monsters.” Defeated. Betrayed. Exiled. Jett Lasting finds himself alone in the place he fears more than death itself: the Outlands.…

4 Playful Pet-Peeves with Self-Promoters

Having spent some time on Facebook book promotion and author groups I noticed some trends that I’d like to playfully tease in efforts to help us all improve our promotion game. In the spirit of good fun this is my top 4 self-promotion pet-peeves. Hope you enjoy! 4. If you are looking for a publisherContinue reading “4 Playful Pet-Peeves with Self-Promoters”

Top 9 most encouraging things for a writer

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing I start processing the different compliments people give when they engage with your work. I decided to rank the level of compliment based on how flattering I feel it is. To all my writer friends, take a look at tell me how you’d order the compliments. #9- CommentingContinue reading “Top 9 most encouraging things for a writer”

Sorrow of Society

The world is crazy right now. It’s always crazy but 2020 has been particularly bonkers. Pandemics. Racial injustice. Riots. Elections. The one thing that ties them all together? Our disunity in them. Divides happen. We are all different people, with different stories, experiences, pain, and as a result different points of view. Just being bi-partisanContinue reading “Sorrow of Society”