The Tides of Reckoning ARC Review

Lost in Neverland

The Tides of Reckoning (The Outlands Saga #2)

The Tides of Reckoning

Author: Tyler Edwards


Genre: YA Sci-fi

Published: 29th October 2021

Rating: 4.5 Stars


“Live long enough and you’ll see, people are the worst monsters.”

Defeated. Betrayed. Exiled. Jett Lasting finds himself alone in the place he fears more than death itself: the Outlands. Wracked with guilt and desperate to find his friends, he journeys through the barren wastelands where the air itself is a toxic fume. Jett soon discovers that the Outlands are not what he was led to believe, but in many ways worse. Filled with horrifying monsters, bandits, and marauders, the Outlands prove to be a living nightmare.

Jett must find a way to survive if he’s going to return to Dios and get his revenge. Amidst the dangers, Jett is surprised to learn he is not alone in his desire to bring down the Patriarch. Potential allies are rallying forces to…

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Published by Tyler Edwards

Tyler has loved writing since he was in middle school. Rather than listening to the teachers he was scribbling down story ideas in his notebooks. He loves creating worlds, dreaming up characters, and thinking of fun ways to tell a story. His first fiction book: The Outlands was recently published and he looks forward to turning it into a series.

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