The Outlands, Tyler Edwards

Awesome review for The Outlands!!!

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“Hope is a powerful thing. But be mindful. It’s only as good as the object you place in it.”

I’m a big fan of dystopian, and I feel the author set up this world well. You live in a world where your standing is everything, and sometimes you have no standing. Either you blend in, or you’re ousted. It’s a daily fight to survive for those who don’t have a proper place in society. They are getting by on mere scraps when others have more than enough.

All the characters and their personalities come to life. Jett is a bit of a whiner. While he is our main character, I found I didn’t like him all that much, and gravitated more towards Victor, a natural leader. If I have any criticism, it’s that when I agreed to review this, I didn’t realize it was a book one because I am…

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Published by Tyler Edwards

Tyler has loved writing since he was in middle school. Rather than listening to the teachers he was scribbling down story ideas in his notebooks. He loves creating worlds, dreaming up characters, and thinking of fun ways to tell a story. His first fiction book: The Outlands was recently published and he looks forward to turning it into a series.

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