Top 9 most encouraging things for a writer

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing I start processing the different compliments people give when they engage with your work. I decided to rank the level of compliment based on how flattering I feel it is. To all my writer friends, take a look at tell me how you’d order the compliments.

#9- Commenting on the premise.

This is perhaps the foundation level of any engagement but it’s exciting when someone hears your hook and is interested in it.

#8 – Buying the book.

Let’s be honest, especially from someone who doesn’t personally know you, this is something to appreciate. Of all the things they could spend their money on, or even just all the books they could choose, I find it very encouraging when someone deems my work interesting enough to invest in.

#7 – Comparing it to other great writing or writers.

Not in the sense where it takes away from the originality of the work but when the quality of my writing reminds someone of other captivating stories, I find that encouraging.

#6 – Giving it a good rating.

Not only does this reflect how they felt about the book, it helps other readers who might be interested give it a shot.

#5 – Complimenting specific things or elements they liked.

I find this to be one of the most helpful things a reader can do. It lets me know what’s working, what resonated, and where the strong elements of a story are so I can find ways of putting more of those elements in a story.

#4 – Writing a review.

Taking the time to write a review shows even more investment in the story. Especially in cases where the review is positive, it is one of the most helpful elements in connecting with new readers. Reviews give a book more credibility, can create increased interest, and are great for marketing.

#3 – Sharing it on social media.

When someone likes a book enough to share a post about it on their social media channels, not only are they sharing your work with all their connections, they are using their platform to support your work. This is incredibly flattering.

#2 – Personally recommending it to others.

I think what makes the personal recommendation more encouraging / a greater compliment to the writing is that it’s much more personal. While a social media post has a greater reach, talking with the book and recommending it to others has a greater impact. It’s easy to keep scrolling but when someone is telling you about a book, it can really make you want to read it.

#1 – Wanting to read it again.

To me, this is the highest compliment someone can give. Not only did they invest their time in reading your book, they enjoyed it so much they want to do it more than once. That says to me: not only did you enjoy the story I wrote; you want to get lost in it. You want to go back to it again. That’s a compliment I think is really easy to overlook but truly perhaps the most encouraging thing a reader tells me.

Alright guys, what do you think? Would you rank them differently?

Published by Tyler Edwards

Tyler has loved writing since he was in middle school. Rather than listening to the teachers he was scribbling down story ideas in his notebooks. He loves creating worlds, dreaming up characters, and thinking of fun ways to tell a story. His first fiction book: The Outlands was recently published and he looks forward to turning it into a series.

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