Church Shooting-Charleston

I Just did an interview on the news about the Charleston shooting. One of the other pastors being interviewed kept talking about gun control. It seems a lot of people, pastors included, are trying to turn this into a gun control issue. It’s not.

I’m not saying I’m anti-gun control. I’m not saying I am pro-gun control. I’m saying gun control isn’t the issue here. Violent crimes are not about the weapons that were used to commit them. This isn’t a gun issue It’s a Jesus issue. People have been killing people long before their were guns. Take away their guns, we will still kill each other.

Gun control to stop gun violence is like putting a bandaid on a severed limb. The problem is not guns. The problem is living in a broken world where people believe that violence is an acceptable response to their problems. You can’t cure a disease by taking away some symptoms. The only real cure is the life transformation of Jesus.

The world is broken. Broken people will always find ways to hurt each other. Jesus fixes that which is broken, He heals the disease that plagues us all.


One thought on “Church Shooting-Charleston

  1. You mention some very good thoughts, but I also think Mental illness plays a role as well. The sad thing is America talks about mental illness when their is a tragedy—Robin Williams commits suicide, then it gets talked about. We need more open discussion on the topic.

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