The world we live in is broken. This is not how life was meant to be. Somewhere deep down we all know it. We know the world is messed up. We know something isn’t right. We don’t always know what it is but we know something is missing. Even those of us who have lived a pretty charmed life have had enough heartache, disappointment, and pain to know something is wrong.

The worse part is we seem to be magnetically pulled towards brokenness. We have all been betrayed. We have all been disappointed. We have all had someone hurt us. We have all hoped for things that fell apart. But who betrays you more than you? Who disappoints you more than you? Who fails you more than you? The world is broken and so are we. We are often our own worst enemies. Brokenness isn’t a part of who we are. It’s at the core of what we are.

The brokenness of our world didn’t begin with God. It began with us. This is not how it was meant to be. When God created the world it was perfect. We lived in community and in harmony with our creator. There was no disappointment, not betrayal, no heartache, no unreasonable gas prices. Life was good. Man lived in the garden with his wife. They were naked and they knew no shame. Now you try to institute this in your home and you come across as a weirdo. Ladies can you imagine living in a world where you don’t have body image issues? Where you could be who you are and look how you look without ever feeling like you weren’t good enough or beautiful enough? Guys can you imagine never having your wife ask you if an outfit makes her look fat? Can you imagine having a wife who didn’t doubt her beauty. Can you imagine going to work and not feeling like it was draining the life from you?

We rebelled. We rejected His way, His authority.  We decided we would rather be God than live in submission to God. Our sin began the destruction of creation. We are broken. The people around us are broken. The world itself is broken. We can’t fix it. We can’t undo our mistake or do enough good to balance it out.

But if we are honest, our problem isn’t just that we rebelled. It’s that we rebel. . In our hearts we believe we are smarter than God. We think we know what is best for us better than Him. So we ignore Him and do what we like. We pursue our wants and our interests because deep down we believe on some level we would be a better God than God. All brokenness comes from this belief. We reject God and rebel against Him because we think we are smart. We think what we want for ourselves is better than what God will give us. So we do it our way instead of His.

We were broken from birth. That’s why you don’t have to teach your kids to be selfish. Selfish is our nature. Since our first breath we believed we were God and we have tried to live that way ever since. We have all sinned. We have all rebelled. We have all gone astray. Our own desires and natures lead us further down the rabbit hole of brokenness. We chase after what we know is broken in hopes that maybe that cookie that says “eat me” or the bottle that says “drink me” might fix our problem. It never does. The more we pursue our desires the more we experience the brokenness at work in our hearts.

If God had just sent a savior to forgive our sins, then life would long and hard. We would suffer a lot. We would struggle every day. Our lives would be like Sisyphus, who, in Greek mythology was cursed to roll an immense boulder up a hill every day only to watch it slid back down and he had to start over. God did not save us only to leave us with a futile and hopeless life. He Jesus to save us and to fix that which is broken within us.

That’s exactly what Jesus does. He doesn’t just save us. He heals us. He fixes us. He makes us new. He gives us what we need even if we don’t realize how much we need it.


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