There are no spectators in the kingdom of God. If you a Christian you are a follower of Jesus. If you follow Jesus eventually, you are going to become a leader of men. If you are alive you are a leader. That’s how the kingdom of God works. We don’t recruit people to become Christians so we can fill the seats. We bring them in so we can build them up and send them out. This place isn’t just a safe haven. It’s boot camp. In 1 Peter 5 Peter addresses the leaders in the church and challenges them to shepherd their flocks.

You may not feel like a leader. The whole idea may make you feel uncomfortable.Maybe you don’t have a lot of people following you. Your life is an example to someone. You may not lead at work or at school. If you have kids, you lead them. Guys, you should be leading your wives. Wives you should be leading younger women to help them grow and mature into Godly women. You don’t have a manager or a CEO to be a leader. You just have to have people who see what you do. So unless you live in a cave on an island completely devoid of other people you have the potential to set an example. That’s all leadership is really, setting an example that inspires others to follow. At some point eople are going to follow you. When they do, will they imitate your sin or will they imitate your savior? How are you shepherding the people in your life to a closer relationship with Jesus?

In the Kingdom of God if you are alive you are a leader. Time to step up. Biblical leaders are not big boss men. They are shepherds following the example of Jesus, who gave up His life for His sheep. If you aren’t a shepherd you need to become one.

This is of special significance to Peter. In the final hours of Jesus’s life Peter denied Jesus. He swore a vow to never forsake Jesus. Then he turned around and swore he never knew Jesus to save his own skin. After Jesus rose from the dead He came to Peter. He asked Peter “do you love me?” When Peter said yes Jesus replied, “then feed my sheep.” Three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. And three times He told Peter to feed His sheep. Jesus restored Peter to his place with this commission: feed my sheep. So when Peter talks about a shepherd, it’s an image that holds great power for him. What says to Peter He says to us, “do you love me?” then “feed my sheep.”


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