Got to love it when an “atheist” makes a movie about a Bible story. Or then again, maybe you don’t. What surprises me is that Christians are surprised that Hollywood would make a movie about the Bible that does not follow it word for word. Really? You didn’t see that coming?

Love it or hate it. That’s the divide. I’ve heard more rants than I care to about this movie so I thought it time to speak my mind.

1. HOLLYWOOD MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THE BIBLE! Shut up and take the win people. What this tells us is that our Holy book is so interesting and captivating that even people who don’t believe what it teaches will spend millions of dollars to tell stories from it.

2. Artistic licence. If you don’t know what that means you are probably one of the people who is upset and angry about the making of the movie. When bringing a story to life in which you don’t know EVERY detail you have to take some license to make the story more engaging/exciting. We shouldn’t be surprised that Hollywood didn’t want to create a visual sermon to go alongside our Bible school materials.

3. Who cares who made it? The fact that hollywood made it means there is a chance it could actually be a good movie and not some novel message wrapped in bad acting with an unrealistic story. We don’t need more Facing the Giants or Fireproof movies. I’m not knocking them….they tell nice stories. They lack the authentic feel that relates to people outside the hyper conservative church group. I can count on one hand the number of non-Christian people I know who would even sit down to watch those movies. They are nice sure, but they are basically sermons in movie form. Noah gives us high production. That’s something worth appreciating.

Bottom Line: I don’t care if you loved the movie or hated it. Hollywood has just handed you a conversation starter on a silver platter. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter set up. Don’t rage against it like a bunch of angry rhinos. The reason non-Christians don’t like us much is that we are hypocrites. We talk about love more than Nicolas Sparks. We just don’t show it. Especially when it comes to people who are “non-Christian”. The sheer hate that we generate towards each other and towards those outside our faith is a palpable contradiction to the love we claim to profess.

So don’t get angry about movies like Noah. Don’t complain about it. Use it. Use the opportunity to talk with people about the Bible. Guess what, right now, thanks to the supposed atheist director most people are something they haven’t been in decades: interested. You couldn’t ask for a better platform to tell people about Jesus without coming across as an angry Bible thumper. So even if you didn’t like the movie, use the platform that it gave you. Appreciate the gift and quit complaining that it wasn’t good enough. If you want to see a Bible movie that is straight Bible no embellishment, raise $100 million and make it yourself. Guess what, conservative Christians who see things a little different will angry blog you as well.

Complaining is useless. So stop doing it. Look for opportunities. When one comes along, don’t whine about it. Use it.


2 thoughts on “Noah

  1. I really like consense of this movie. I haven’t seen it & probably won’t because I don’t care for violent movie. I get too much violence on the newscasts. I hadn’t thought about the opportunies for conversations about the Bible, God & salvation that this movie opens up.. God opens new doors in strange ways, we just need to see the door open. Great insight.

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