So we thought we left the cold weather when we moved to the southeast. Apparently that was an incorrect hypothesis. This marks the second week this winter where we are basically iced in the house. I appreciate my laptop and home office much more now as they allow me to continue to be effective getting things done. It’s a bit of a drag but what can you do. I know some people actually like the cold. I can’t really fathom why but I suppose we are all different.

One of the things that I notice with “ice days” during this second round of the Icepocalypse is that they are great opportunities to focus. Life is so busy. We have so much crap going on all the time. It’s almost nice to be forced to sit back and do nothing. Psalms 46 tells us to “be still”. I’m not good at that. Most people aren’t. So it’s pretty nice to have the opportunity to be still from time to time.

Here’s to silver linings.


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