This show had me at it’s premise. A serial killer who hunts and kills other killers. A man who battles an inner darkness by killing those who commit evil deeds. That’s a million dollar pitch if I’ve ever heard one. Not only does the show have a good hook, it’s got all kinds of book to back it up. The writers weave good story and well crafted lines and dialogue into an engaging and evolving experience that doesn’t really ever seem to get dull.

I will say this: the show is MATURE. Semi-regular scenes to fast forward, turn away from. If you have an issue with graphic violence, language, or sexuality this show is not for you. This is not a show that promotes strong Christian values. If that causes a problem for you, just smile and move on to the next show.

As someone who is a glutton for good writing and good stories I have to say I enjoy it, even if I wholeheartedly do not recommend some of it’s content. If you can get past the content you will find a gripping story with compelling writing. If you are sensitive to certain issues best to just stay away.

Some of the themes here are so powerful: light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrong, battling inner desire. The show is a well produced illustration (even if unintentional) of the lure of sin and the grip it can hold on our lives. How we can battle against it and fail again and again. How a code of behavior can keep our darkness in check but does not allow us to overcome it.

Dexter is one of the deeper characters I have seen on television. The writers do a good job of growing him season by season without really changing the core of who he is. I haven’t watched the last two seasons yet, but I am Netflixing my way there.

If I could remove some of the language and all of the sexual aspects of the show it would be a 10 out of 10. With those factors in there 8.5/10.


2 thoughts on “Dexter

    1. I wouldn’t imagine something like this would even stand out to the “unsaved” as a problem. There is no reason they would be offended or affected by the material. If I was not a Christian I wouldn’t find any aspect of the show problematic. It would be pure entertainment. The only things that bother me about the show do so because they are not things I look for due to my relationship with Jesus.

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