The Following


I’m glad I watched The Killing before watching this show. If I hadn’t I don’t think I would have even given The Killing a chance. What The Killing lacked that The Following doesn’t is a mystery that is enjoyable to try and unravel. There are twists and turns that leave you guessing but you ACTUALLY care enough to guess. As a semi-professional writer I must say, I enjoy shows with good writing. It’s easy to overlook but hands down the single most important ingredient. You need lots of other stuff too but without the writing the best actors in the world are scrambling to try and save the drivel story. The Following is well crafted, clever, well thought out, and easy to get sucked into. Very reminiscent of 24 when it first started. It threatens at times to fall into some of the mistakes 24 made but manages to overcome or avoid them, even if only narrowly.

The acting is solid. Super solid. Kevin Bacon being a big hitter isn’t even the one holding the show together. Even the minor characters are like….woah. There is so much focus on writing and literature and a very real sense of deep characters. The show manages to avoid cliches pretty effectively and has, from a cursory viewing, very few if any substantial plot holes.

Be warned, the show is not for everyone. It is dark. It is heavy. Lots of death and it’s not all pretty. I would not endorse all the things on the show (especially not serial killing, don’t do that). If you have a strong stomach and like thrillers, dark literature, and anti-heroes this show is worth a viewing. Lots of cliffhangers.

Hard to give this one any less than 8 stars. It may be worthy of a 9…but I hesitate to get that close to a perfect score.


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