What would happen if our view of time were to change? For a country that as seen by others as “where their God on their wrists” what would it even look like? The cultural norm at this point is busyness. The busier you are the more important you must be. To what end? Are our lives better? Are we happier? Do we have more confidence?

If anything, we seem to have less. How often do we miss opportunities to connect with other human beings because we decided to wait until the last minute to leave our house and now have to drive 15 over the speed limit if we hope to be on time?

It’s like we are all training for Nascar without even knowing it.

What do we do with all that time we save by rushing around? We find more stuff to fill it with. More stuff, not better stuff. We are no closer to happiness, no nearer to fulfilling our dreams, no more satisfied than when we started.

God comes to us like a still small voice. He dares to whisper when everyone else is yelling. He sits patiently as we race by Him wondering why our lives feel so out of control.

Most of the things we race for, dont matter. Most of the things we stress about, aren’t important. Yet that doesnt stop us.

So what would it look like if we stopped? If we made time for what really mattered? What would it look like if we stopped trying to scratch off every item on our to-do list and started just trying to be, to exist in the presence of our maker?

Maybe it’s something worth trying?


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