Time and dates

When I was growing up my sister used to saw “11:11” savor the moment. She liked how all the numbers lined up. Over the years I’ve come to realize she is not the only one. 07-07-07 there were a crazy number of weddings, at least in the town I lived in, and ever since then I’ve been seeing it. Any time the dates on a calendar lined up, people at the very least made comments about it. I’ve even seen sequential calendar dates treated like holidays. Now I try, on occasion, to recognize that people say things at times just to have something to say. Here is what amuses me about our fascination with the excitement that comes from the dates on an arbitrary calendar lining up; when people start saying things like: “it’s 12-12-12 that only happens once in a lifetime. As if other dates occurred more frequently. Every date occurs only once in a lifetime, that is how time works unless you are in H.G Wells’s Time Machine, are Marty McFly, or a terminator.

12-12-12 is No rarer an occurrence as 12-11-12 or any other date. Time moves forward at a fixed rate. While our perception may vary, time is a constant. Guess what, every day only happens once in a lifetime. Oh yea, unless you are bill Murray in Groundhogs day.


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