Gangnam Style

As usual my avoidance of trendyness puts me on the late end of fads. I need to get better about that before I end up becoming ‘that guy’ who still says cool beans even though the phrase was born and died in the early 90’s and the rest of us wish it had stayed there.

So I find myself listening to this wonderfully engaging song of which I can discern about three words “Heeey sexy lady” and thus assume they are not talking about me. Yet I can’t stop listening to it, or watching the video.

Now here is where the real fun sets in. I tried to dance to this. I am a terrible dancer. There is a reason my people invented a dance that uses on the bottom half of your body…dancing is foreign to us. So, lacking total dancer like coordination there i go hopping around the house on my invisible horse trying to Gangnam style to the music….only to realize we dont have curtains or a fence up yet, our backyard opens to several neighbors house and the street…and now I am hopping no one happened to look out their window or pass by during this four minute window to see my looney dance off with an imaginary horse.


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