Real Men

There is a difference between being a man and being a male. If you are equipped with a “Y” chromosome you are a male. Being a male does not make you a man. In fact I would say an increasing number of males in the world today are blatantly not men. They don’t know how to talk to a woman, treat a woman, or care for a woman the way a man should.

When you consider the porn industry generates more money annually than professional basketball, baseball, and football combined the problem becomes quite apparent. Cowardly males use images of girls to try and make themselves feel like men. As a result women become viewed as objects for sexual gratification rather than people created in the image of God. No surprise that with porn permeating every aspect of society human trafficking is on the rise as well. Eventually those cowardly males don’t feel manly enough watching someone else do it, they have to participate. So what do they do? They take young girls who have been stolen from their families and use them to try and feel like a man.

Real men are not predators, they are providers. A real man treats a woman like a precious daughter of God. A real man talks to a woman like she is a woman. They dont neglect, mistreat, abuse, cheat on, yell at, or lay their hands on a woman. Cowardly males do that, but not men.

Guys, there are too many males in the world. We don’t need more. My challenge to you is to step up and be a man. Learn how to protect, care for, provide for, love, and honor your wife. If you are not married honor the wife you will have in the future by being faithful to her before you meet her.

The only way to end human trafficking and stop abuse is for men to stand up and to challenge males to become men. Be a protector not a predator. Be a provider not a pervert. Stop acting like males, and become men.


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