Doing something

We see a lot of things that are wrong. Often times we brush them off and ignore them because doing something about it would be too difficult or inconvenient. Sometimes people do bad things. What is worse is that the people of God so often do nothing about it. We look at things in the world that we don’t like and instead of saying: “My God is big enough to change that!” We cay “Oh God I don’t want anything to do with that.” Avoiding evil doesn’t make us good, it just means we are not as bad as we could be. What amazes me is the frequency in the Gospels that Jesus tells His disciples what to do in comparison with what not to do. I find myself often spending more of my time avoiding the wrong things than trying to seek out the right ones. The irony is that in seeking to do the right things you will often naturally avoid the wrong ones. Do you think Jesus sat around and tried to think of ways to not sin? Or did He just focus so much on trying to do what God called Him to do that sin couldn’t get ahold of Him? What if we strived to live like that? Not know by what we are against, the rules we follow, or the things we avoid. What if we lived like Jesus; seeking to carry out the mission of God and focusing our energy on that. I wonder what would the world look like then? What would the church look like? What would we look like?

Living your life trying to avoid the “bad stuff” makes you like the religious people who murdered Jesus. At best, all you have to hold on to is your own effort to make yourself good enough. Striving to be like Jesus means doing more than avoid evil but striving to honor and obey God in all we do.


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